Quilted Moving Blankets

moving blankets

Protect your tables, chairs, dressers, and any other large piece of furniture you cannot fit in a box. Our professional 72" x80 " moving blankets are made of a strong, woven fabric with finished corners. They can be used over and over again - they can also be used for long term storage.

This is the best, most consistent moving blanket on the market! You get Two Moving Blankets per set.

  • (2) (72" x 80") Quilted Moving Blankets


Paper Moving Pads

moving supplies paper pads

You get 12 huge moving pads (4' X 6' each) perfect for protecting your furniture from dirt and scratches. These triple-cushioned protective pads can be taped down for a perfect fit on all sizes of furniture and appliances. At under $2.25 per pad, this is the most economical way to protect 4-6 rooms of valuables.

  • (12) 4' x 6' Paper Moving Pads